880-1000, Celltrac Std Digital Cell counter


Celltrac’s Key benefits:
• 12 cell counting keys (10 Summing + 2 Non Summing)
• Ability to subtract following an error,
• Add or subtract cell clusters.
• Display current cell total and running totals at any point during the count
• Warning bleeps when approaching 100 cells, or multiples
• Low battery indicator
• 2 “non-summing” keys to record nucleated red cells or similar
• number of “non-summing” keys can be increased or decreased
• Cell labels assigned for standard leucocyte differentials.
• Total leucocyte count can also be entered so that each cell type is reported in absolute numbers as well as percentages.


10 Keypads labled: Blank self-adhesive labels are provided for customising these keys.
• SEG Segmented Neutrophils
• LYM Lymphocytes
• MONO Monocytes
• STAB Stab. Neutrophils
• BAS Basophils
• EOs Eosinophils
• BLST Myeloblasts
• PRO Promyelocytes
• MYE Myeloctes
• META Metamyelocytes