DBC-9D; Digital Differential blood cell counter



*Digisystem Digital Blood Cell Counter DBC-9D use microprocessor controlled system which offers accurate and simple counts.

*8 buttons have red and white colors in sequence for identification.

*Each button has a 3-digit LCD window. One 3-digit LCD window is for the total amount.

*Cell pictures for BASO., EOSIN., MYELO., JUVEN., STAB., SEG., LYMPH., MONO., are labeled.

*A click sound on each touch to confirm the count.

*At one hundred increment of the total amount, a short beep sound is heard.

*Push the percent (%) button to calculate percentages, and push the reset button to clear the counts.

Push the +/- button can increase or decrease the counts. Push the function (FUN.) button to adjust the contrast and to monitor the battery energy.

*The power supply can be 100~240V or 2 pcs of AA battery.

*Quality certification: ISO 9001, ISO 13485


Digital Differential blood cell counter